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Massage & Body Treatments

Customized Massages
25 Min $45
50 Min $80
80 Min $100
Out Calls
50 Min $90
80 Min $105
*if within 15 miles of our office. Greater than 15 miles please add $10.
No discounts are offered for out calls.

*Package of 5 for $300
*Paraffin-Hand OR Foot $10
*Paraffin-Hand AND Feet $15
*Reflexology Upgrade $15
*Cupping Upgrade $15
*Hot Stone Therapy Upgrade $25
*Oxygen Therapy $1/Min



 Treatment Modalities
Swedish Massage is the most basic massage using firm but gentle pressure increasing flexibility & circulation while decreasing muscle aches & tension. This is the best massage for RELAXATION.

Deep Tissue Massage is more suitable for those use to receiving massages. We use a variety of techniques to get not only the surface muscles but also connective tissue & fascia in order to loosen & release muscle tension & knots. This is the best massage for THERAPEUTIC value.
Aromatherapy has been used for centuries to relieve stress & various ailments. The addition of natural plant essential oils to the traditional Swedish Massage refreshes the mind, body & soul. This is the best massage for STRESS, ANXIETY, & SORE MUSCLES.

Sports Massage stimulates muscles, increases circulation & range of motion, & restores vitality to sore muscles. This is the best massage for ATHLETES & WORK OUT ADDICTS!
Prenatal Massage is uniquely designed to meet the aches & pains of women in their second & third trimesters.
Hot Stone Therapy combines a relaxing massage with the application of heated stones to help soften the muscles & reduce stress.
Cupping is a specialized myofascial release technique used to aid a number of disorders including but not limited to sports injury, edema from lack of lymph drainage, respiratory conditions, acute/chronic pain and stiffness and the smoothing of uneven surfaces such as cellulite.
Gua-Sha Stone is a modality typically practiced by Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioners to detoxify the body, break up adhesion's, increase circulation, reduce fever and assist with immune functioning

Polish & Purify
80 Min $120
This full body treatment exfoliates the body with a dry brush to gently polish away dead skin cells leaving your skin smooth and refreshed.  Once the skin has been buffed, our specialists massage a detoxifying grapefruit oil into the skin and wrap you in a cozy blanket allowing the blend to penetrate deep into the dermal layer of the skin with the warmth of your body.  This treatment is known for its detoxifying properties, slimming abilities, toning of the skin and stress relief.